Magic at Montsalvat

Magic at Montsalvat

Step back in time with us as we recount a story of beauty, creativity, and vintage charm brought to life at the enchanting Montsalvat, nestled in the outskirts of Melbourne. Fruitful Bridal embarked on an unforgettable journey, weaving together the talents of Moonlight Minx Media, Elly Jenkins, and Nick Mccourtie to capture the essence of vintage romance against the backdrop of this medieval European-inspired artists' haven.

With its timeless architecture and whimsical gardens, this unique location provided the perfect canvas for our vision to unfold. Enter Moonlight Minx Media, armed with her trusty analogue cameras and a passion for capturing moments in their most authentic form. Kyah's dedication to the art of film photography infused each frame with a nostalgic charm, breathing life into our vintage bridal gowns and veils.

Elly Jenkins and Nick Mccourtie were the dynamic duo behind the scenes, weaving together textures, colours, and intricate details to create a tableau of  elegance. Their keen eye for styling and design brought our vision to life, infusing each scene with a sense of whimsy and sophistication.

From delicate lace to flowing silhouettes, each gown whispered tales of love and nostalgia, evoking a sense of wonder and enchantment. But perhaps what truly set this shoot apart was its raw and organic aesthetic, a testament to the power of embracing imperfection and celebrating the beauty of the here and now.

A massive thank you to Kyah, Elly and Nick for creating such special images and memories! <3

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