Pop Up @ The Moor

Pop Up @ The Moor

Hey lovely brides-to-be and vintage enthusiasts alike! If you missed out on our recent pop-up event at The Moor in Brookvale, fear not! We're here to spill all the delightful details of this unforgettable day.

Picture this: a quaint, creative space nestled in the heart of Brookvale, buzzing with energy and brimming with creativity. This was the setting for our much-anticipated pop-up event, where we joined forces with some of the most talented small businesses in town. This pop-up special as there was a true sense of community and camaraderie that filled the air. It was a day of laughter, shared passions, and new connections – a reminder that magic happens when we come together to celebrate what we love.

Raion Vintage has racks filled to the brim with timeless treasures and vintage heirlooms, George Swang showcased their adorable hand-crocheted pieces and of course The Moor in the Sun, who brings a little slice of desert paradise to the space with their stunning cacti and hand-painted pots. 

The Moor is such a cozy and fun spot that is dedicated to making and creating good times and pouring the best coffee on the Northern Beaches. Moor in the Sun cacti and other local goodies are featured in store.

They are open Fri, Sat and Sun 7-2 at 4/42-44 Chard rd Brookvale. Stop by and say hi! 

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