Vintage Bridal at Palm Beach

Vintage Bridal at Palm Beach

In an industry where modern trends often take centre stage, there exists a timeless allure in the vintage. Fruitful Bridal celebrates this enduring charm, cherishing the uniqueness and beauty of vintage wedding dresses whilst advocating for sustainability. They have collaborated with some remarkable local talent to bring this vision to life, resulting in a truly memorable shoot that encapsulated the essence of Fruitful Bridal.

The launch of the curated collection began with photographer, Ben Kittle. The creative partnership and vision of both Ben and the owner of Fruitful Bridal (Lulu) was the perfect collaboration to capture historical pieces in a classical yet contemporary way. His eye for detail, ensuring each moment was imbued with a sense of everlasting elegance led to the infusion of each image with a palpable sense of nostalgia and allure.

Complementing Ben's artistry was the radiant presence of model, Penelope Day. Beyond her beauty, Poppy exuded an inner grace that perfectly embodied the spirit of vintage romance. Against the 50s car backdrop, the bridal gowns found their perfect complement, each stitch and detail resonating with the spirit of the past while offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable bridal fashion.

Together, these elements seamlessly intertwined to create a visual narrative that celebrates the beauty of vintage bridal wear and the enduring appeal of pure romance. This shoot underscored a deeper message - one of sustainability and conscious consumption.

Choosing vintage wedding dresses allows brides to not only embrace a style that is uniquely their own but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious future through reducing waste of a garment. At every wedding, where all details hold significance, there is something ‘magical’ about choosing a gown that not only speaks of the past but also holds the promise of a more fruitful future.

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